SimplyCo provides all of the non-legal support services required when establishing or conducting a competition, promotion or offer.  Including our popular Simply Permits services, the services we provide are:

Simply Permits

  • Preparation and submission of permit applications
  • Liaising with and obtaining permit numbers from the various Lottery Departments

Plus, if required: 

  • Publishing of Terms and Conditions on our Simply Terms website
  • Organising PO Boxes and collection for mail entries
  • Publishing of winners’ names in newspapers
  • Notifying Lottery Departments of the winners’ details
  • Publishing of winners names on our Simply Winners website
  • Data entry
  • Entry storage
  • Game of Skill judging
  • Organising for draws to be conducted by Anisimoff Legal
  • Organising for draws to be scrutinised by Anisimoff Legal
  • Organising for legal advice to be obtained from Anisimoff Legal, where required

SimplyCo does not provide legal advice. For legal advice on any matters, including where it may become necessary in relation to the above services, SimplyCo defers to Anisimoff Legal and this process is centrally managed by us, with client pre-approval.